How Newton Discover Gravity. The Almost True History


newton gravity discover

newton gravity discover

Gravity was not discovered by itself. The apple do all the work. Newton did the easiest part, watch. They never give the credit to the poor apple that has to break off his mother, jump into the world to later realize about the “gravity” of the situation… yes,  that’s the origin of the name “gravity”.

While the apple was falling this life was going through his eyes. The most thing the apple wanted at that time was the luck to fall into a soft a sure land where he didn’t have to fight against  the dangers that nature has imposed as final destination of a good and delicious fruit ready to be eating by predators…

The apple tree was tall enough to give the apple a lot of time to think, and more considering that for an apple one seconds its a lot of years.

Meanwhile, Newton was sitting under the tree waiting that some idea fall from the sky (literally). Was a hard year for him, the Bubonic Plague was all around England and the Newtons head was spinning for thinking to much in the theories about the planetary motion and being president of the Royal Society means that every soft often he have to publish something important in the scientific world but he haven’t in a while back then.

In this instant  the apple fall and hit hard the head of Isaac Newton, but thanks to the long hair that used most of people in that time the apple land safe, didn’t suffer anything, was the best that could happen. It was a stroke of luck for our friend the apple. But Isaac was very angry because of the hit and said “Why this apple instead of falling doesn’t  get up?, Why all that is up have to come down? Why all bad thing fall in me?”…

The Apple that knows what happen said in low voice….

Whats happen to you is serious and what you have is Gravity.. The little apple explained  very slowly and simple so the stressed Isaac could understand this new concept.

– If you get around bad people you will attract bad things and bad things will happen (Later this was generalized in a law called “The First Law of Murphy”) , and so he was explaining in a very philosophical way until Newton applied to the field of physics.

Eurekkka! said Newton.. of course, all this time!!! – I’m a genius!! GRAVITY, thats why all body’s fall, why the attract each other, that explains everithing!!!!.

And that’s how the gravity was discovered. New theories where born and others were transformed by this amazing discovery. Later, Isaac took a vacations to Hawai where he has time to make new discoveries, relax, take the sun, ect.

The apple enjoyed the fame that endures today in all history books and although the apple doesn’t have the recognition for the discovery of gravity is the symbol that represent it. Since then the apples all around the world went from being the prohibited fruit to the big innovators of the scientific world..

And now i ask.. Why Apple Computers take the apple as their main icon?..